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This page lists the different WattNode® Pulse® meter (WNB series) firmware versions and release notes. The WattNode Pulse meter is not field upgradable and must be returned to the factory for firmware updates. We recommend against firmware upgrades unless necessary to fix a bug. There is a nominal charge for firmware updates unless they are needed to fix a bug under warranty.

This page does not list every firmware change, but only those likely to affect customers. Some changes are to enhance production or internal diagnostics.

Firmware Version 18

Released: 2014-05-08

  • UPDATE: Changed the creep limit logic from using apparent power to using real power. This helps reduce or eliminate spurious pulses (and LED flashes) when the load being monitored is off. This was especially a problem in the presence of EMI suppression filters, which can cause non-zero reactive power, even when there is no real power being consumed.
  • UPDATE: Added a filter to the creep limit detection logic to further reduce possible spurious energy pulses due to electrical noise.

These two changes together make the WattNode Pulse creep limit detection essentially identical to the creep limit detection on the WattNode Modbus and WattNode BACnet meters.

Firmware Version 17

Released: 2011-11-28

  • UPDATE: Eliminated yellow (low power factor) and yellow/red (low power factor, negative power) LED flashing patterns.

Firmware Version 16

Released: 2011-05-27

UPDATE: Compatibility added for new universal calibration system

Firmware Version 15

Released: 2010-03-15

This is an OEM specific release, not available for general use.

Firmware Version 14

Released: 2010-03-09

  • BUG: In rare cases, the phase A status LED would light dimly red due to a firmware timing issue. This was fixed.

Firmware Version 13

Released: 2010-01-07

Firmware Version 12

Released: 2009-11-13

Firmware Version 11

Released: 2009-06-29

This is an OEM specific release, not available for general use.

Firmware Version 10

Released: 2008-06-05

  • UPDATE: Internal production support enhancements.
  • UPDATE: Increased error LED indication from five seconds to six seconds.
  • UPDATE: Added firmware support for Option DPO and Option PV.

Firmware Version 9

Released: 2007-11-17 – First production release

Firmware Versions 1-8

Development and limited release versions.