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ACTL-0750 Split-Core Current Transformer


Accu-CT Series Sales Brochure (PDF, 2 pages)
Accu-CT Series CT Installation Guide (PDF, 2 pages)


Split-Core Current Transformer Standard and Revenue Grade Accuracy

Square 0.75 in. window opening Accu-CTs are available with rated currents from 5A to 250 A. The 0.333 Vac output is very linear with the industry’s lowest phase angle error. All CTs Are Not the Same!

The patented Accu-CT split-core current transformer technology delivers exceptional linearity and low-end accuracy. Developed specifically for solar inverter, variable speed motor drive, and other applications where there are large variations in current. The 100:1 turn down ratio of Accu-CTs is ten times better than industry standard CTs. The unique one-handed opening and closing mechanism makes installation a snap.

ACTL series CTs are available in both standard and revenue grade accuracy models. A serialized calibration certificate can be requested for C0.6 and better revenue grade models.

  • Safe: built-in burden resistor provides 0.333 Vac voltage output at the rated full scale current—no shorting blocks needed!
  • Glove-friendly: easy to open and install with one hand while wearing safety gloves
  • IEEE C57.13 and IEC 60044-1 accuracy: over full temperature range and down to below 1% of rated current
  • Exceptionally low phase angle error: essential for accurate power and energy measurements
  • UL 2808 Listed meets 2017 NEC code requirements for field installed current transformers
  • Approvals: CE mark and RoHS compliant

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Antimony Trioxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to:


  • Graphs show typical performance at 23°C, 60 Hz
  • Graph shows a positive phase angle when the output leads the primary current.



The accuracy specifications apply over the full operating temperature range (-30°C to 55°C) unless otherwise noted. Standard models are calibrated for optimum accuracy at 60 Hz. For use with 50 Hz services, we recommend ordering with Option 50Hz. The following accuracy specifications may vary when other CT options are specified. For details, refer to the individual option descriptions.


These specifications are for 60 Hz operation or for 50 Hz when Option 50Hz is specified.

  • Accuracy: ±0.75% from 1% to 120% of rated primary current
  • Phase angle: ±0.50 degrees (30 minutes) from 1% to 120% of rated current
  • IEEE C57.13 accuracy: class 1.2 from 1% to 120% of rated current
  • IEC 60044-1 accuracy: class 1.0 from 1% to 120% of rated current
  • Note: The ACTL-0750-250 model specifications are valid only to 40°C


With Option C0.6, the Accu-CT is calibrated and verified to meet IEEE/ANSI C57.13-2008 class 0.6 accuracy and IEC 60044-1 class 0.5 S accuracy and each CT is shipped with a certificate of calibration. When used on 50 Hz services, Option C0.6 must be ordered with Option 50Hz.

  • Accuracy: ±0.50% from 1% to 120% of rated primary current
  • Phase angle: ±0.25 degrees (15 minutes) from 1% to 120% of rated current; ±0.50 degrees (30 minutes) below 0°C from 1% to 10% of rated current
  • IEEE C57.13 accuracy: class 0.6 from 1% to 120% of rated current
  • IEC 60044-1 accuracy: class 0.5 and 0.5 S from 1% to 120% of rated current
  • Available Models: Option C0.6 is available for all models except ACTL-0750-005
  • Note: The ACTL-0750-250 Opt C0.6 model specifications are valid only to 40°C


  • Primary rating: 5 to 250 amps nominal, 600 Vac, 60 Hz nominal
  • Maximum continuous primary amps: varies with model and options
  • Maximum primary conductor gauge: 4/0, 250 kcmil (see Wire Gauge Table)
    • Note, the largest sizes may not fit in all cases, depending on insulation thickness.
  • Output: 0.333 Vac or 1.00 Vac (with Option 1V)
  • Output lead wires:
    • Style: Two conductor, white and black twisted pair (equivalent to about one #8 AWG  0.213″ dia.)
    • Standard length: 8 ft (2.4 m)
    • Gauge: #20 AWG
    • Type: MTW, UL 1015
    • Voltage: 600 Vac
  • Internal Burden Resistance: see ACTL-0750 Internal Burden Resistance


  • Width: 2.38 inches (60.4 mm)
  • Height: 2.40 inches (61.0 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.90 inches (22.9 mm)
  • Window: 0.78 inches (20.0 mm)
  • Weight: 6.1 oz (172 grams)
  • Material: PC/ABS


  • Operating temperature: -30°C to 55°C
  • UL listed: file number E363660 (XOBA), standard UL 2808
  • cUL listed (Canada): file number E363660 (XOBA7), standard CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1
  • CE mark: IEC 60044-1; ACTL-0750-Declaration-of-Conformity
  • RoHS
  • Assembled in USA, qualified under the Buy American provision in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).
  • Label barcode: QR Code, “Model ; SerialNum”




ACTL-0750-005 5
ACTL-0750-020 20
ACTL-0750-050 50
ACTL-0750-100 100
ACTL-0750-150 150
ACTL-0750-200 200
ACTL-0750-250 250


ACTL-0750-020 Opt C0.6 20
ACTL-0750-050 Opt C0.6 50
ACTL-0750-100 Opt C0.6 100
ACTL-0750-150 Opt C0.6 150
ACTL-0750-200 Opt C0.6 200
ACTL-0750-250 Opt C0.6 250
  • List prices for quantity 1 to 30 pieces. Call for pricing on larger quantities.
  • Max Amps is the recommended maximum continuous current. See ACTL-0750 Maximum Amps for details.


OPT C0.6

With Option C0.6, the Accu-CT meets IEEE/ANSI C57.13-2008 class 0.6 accuracy and IEC 60044-1 class 0.5 and class 0.5 S accuracy from -30°C to 55°C and from 1% to 120% of rated primary current (see CT Accuracy Standards).

  • Note: The model ACTL-0750-250 Opt C0.6 accuracy specifications are valid only to 40°C and 1% to 100% of the full-scale primary current rating (other models are specified to 120%).
  • Accuracy improves to ±0.5% from 1% to 120% of rated primary current from -30°C to 55°C.
  • Phase angle improves to ±0.25 degrees from 1% to 120% of rated primary current from -30°C to 55°C.
  • Includes a Calibration Certificate
    • Order option C0.6,N if you need the C0.6 accuracy, but do not need a certificate of calibration.
  • Not available for 5 amp Accu-CT models.


Standard models are calibrated for optimum accuracy at 60 Hz. Option 50 Hz calibrates for best accuracy at 50 Hz. Option 50 Hz models have the same accuracy specifications as standard models and are also available in combination with Option C0.6 (selected rated amps) for higher accuracy. See ACTL-0750 Option 50 Hz for more details on the accuracy differences.


The Accu-CT can be ordered with custom lead lengths. For example, Opt FT=50 for 50 foot leads. We also sell 100 ft coils of  lead wire to allow for field extension of the leads. See CT Wire. Option FT does not affect the accuracy specifications.

Advanced Options

The Accu-CT advanced options are generally not useful when ordering the Accu-CT for use with a WattNode® meter, but may be useful for other applications.