WattNode® Pulse – Downloads

These downloads apply to the following two families of WattNode meters with a pulse output:


Installation Guide

This short installation guide covers all Pulse models and options and is intended for the electrician or electrical installer, as well as anyone doing network wiring.

Installation and Operation Manual

This operating and reference guide contains additional electrical diagrams, pulse output wiring details, and kWh scale factors.

Manual Supplements

Information Link PDF Download
MS-10 WattNode Pulse – Option PV (Photovoltaic) MS-10-WNB-Pulse-Option-PV.pdf
MS-11 WattNode Pulse – Option DPO – Dual Positive Outputs MS-11-WNB-Pulse-Option-DPO.pdf
MS-17 WattNode Pulse – Option PW – Pulse Width MS-17-WNB-Pulse-Option-PW.pdf
MS-18 WattNode Pulse – Option 2N1 MS-18-WNB-Pulse-Option-2N1.pdf
MS-19 WattNode Pulse – Option SSR MS-19-WNB-Pulse-Option-SSR.pdf
MS-27 WattNode Revenue Pulse MS-27-WNB-Pulse-Revenue.pdf


Support and Application Notes